After nearly five years calling HostGator my host of choice for my personal, educational and client sites, I've made a decision to move all sites that I oversee to WPEngine. Sure, they aren't cheap and they are sometimes a target of ridicule. But who isn't these days? Especially in the doubly finicky realm of web hosting and WordPress.
Even so, having to push through the generic cPanel and multiple facets of HostGator and their various services each time an administrative change is needed just makes me tired. Yes, I am still finding my way in the WPEngine administrative panel but it is more streamlined and fully focused on the things that matter.

And, it's all WordPress, all the time.

The improved performance of all the sites I manage and the confidence knowing that each of those sites is being backed up daily is quickly proving worth the additional cost. Along with the daily backup is the ability to create a Restore point with a single mouse click. This means a site can be quickly restored should a newly installed plugin or site change not "behave as expected".

Now, three months into this experiment - there's lots to like so far!