WordCamp Austin - Get There!

Ever been to a WordCamp? No?!? Then you need to make every effort to go. Usually set in an informal setting, often on a Saturday and/or Sunday, Wordcamps are an excellent way to learn about the vibrant and exciting community that is WordPress.
Having attended two in Dallas and one in Houston since 2009, I can say there is probably no better value for your money than what you can attain in attending a WordCamp. In fact, I can attribute many of my recent life/career decisions to what I encountered at that first WordCamp in Dallas of 2009. New friendships were forged, unknown opportunities were revealed, and my life-path was forever altered for the better.
So if you live within a couple of hours of Austin, you should make every effort to attend this year’s WordCamp Austin. It will cost you all of $20 and one Saturday in May (18th) and I am confident that you will leave with:

  • no fewer than 3 good ideas for your career
  • at least 2 new friends
  • 1 cool t-shirt

See you there!