The Macsparky Markdown Field Guide...that's it!

Markdown Cover

MacSparky’s most recent Markdown Field Guide is the best of Mr. Sparks’ Field Guides yet. And that’s saying a lot, because the previous two have been home runs.

What Dave Sparks, Eddie Smith, and a cast of others characters have crafted is exactly what I needed to get past the mental tripping point that had prevented me from making markdown part of my daily toolset.

Yes, I had listened to the podcasts. I had read the other “static” tutorials and I’ve even re-read John Gruber’s original tutorial time and again trying to see why so many others kept singing the praises of markdown. But it kept falling out of my grasp. To the point that I was developing a good case of self-doubt wondering why I just couldn’t get it.

And then the moving pictures and dynamic medium of this iBooks-enabled Field Guide finally helped make markdown stick for me. If you, too, are trying to understand markdown for more than just its syntax and are trying to grasp ahold of it in your daily practice, then pay the $10 for this perfect guide.

In a tutorial duet, David and Eddie provide a practical guide to the why and how of markdown. More than just written words and still screen-shots, it includes over 90 minutes of embedded video showing you exactly how to use the syntax and how to use several great and inexpensive software tools that support it.

I think what ultimately carried it over the finish line for me, was the lineup of short audio interviews with those who are using markdown daily - their personal affirmations and experience were the perfect complement to what David and Eddie have created.

Even if you don’t have an iPad, you can purchase this guide to download a .pdf version with links to all of the same video, audio and media content. So what are you waiting for?!?

Go Get It!