Newly Deployed Jekyll Site

Why Jekyll

After hearing about this thing called Jekyll (a static website and blogging platform) for the past couple of years, I’ve decided to redeploy this blog as a Jekyll site. Since its inception, this site has existed as a self-hosted WordPress site. But because I don’t post here that often, maintaining it as a WordPress site proved to be more time consuming (and expensive) than I could justify. Keeping up with plugin updates, staying ever vigilant for the latest security concerns, and hosting the site using a premium hosting service (WPEngine) were “costs” I couldn’t see maintaining.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m still a huge WordPress fan and I even earn a portion of my annual income from WP consulting and coaching. The rest of my sites (both personal and client) will continue to be deployed using WP for the foreseeable future.

Getting GitHub

The other big motivation for my move is that there is an option to host your Jekyll site on GitHub Pages for free. The free option certainly grabbed my attention but there is another reason for moving, namely GitHub. As an instructor at Lone Star College - University Park, I am going to begin teaching a couple of programming classes this Fall and I plan to bring GitHub into the discussion with my students when we start talking about source control. If I can’t point to direct experience with a technology, then my ability to teach that technology is questionable at best.
I’ve taken a couple of GitHub focused classes online but until now, I hadn’t been able to bring GitHub into my regular workflow. When I read about the integration of Jekyll sites and GitHub Pages, I figured this might finally be the way to inject GitHub into my process and give me “an excuse” to use GitHub for a personal project of my own.
So, here’s the new site. It will be going through a few updates over the next week or two, so there may be some layout changes yet to come. Otherwise, enjoy!